MPs needing pay hike??

So now all of us are aware that begging in india is a crime, but who the hell justifies begging along with stealing?? this is what are honorary MPs are preaching of. Do they have a little bit fear of god, how will they show there face to yamraj??

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Spheres of science dealt by Acumen labware

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Balances, Blood Chemistry, Bottles, Biology, Cells, Calorimetry, Compass,Chemistry, Crucibles, Needles & Coils, Density,Demonstration Models, Elasity & Hardness, Electrical Accessories, Electrical Component Units, Electricity & Electronics, Principles of Electromagnetism & Induction on which various motors work is very well explained by acumen labware, Electrostatics, Engine Models i.e petrol & diesel are indigenously made by acumen labware, Equipments & Instruments, Force Board & Levers to understand various laws of newton in physics, Gas Discharge & Vacuum Tubes, General Labware along with laboratory glassware, Geometry, Hand Tools, Heat, Heat Radiation & Thermal Electricity, Hospital and Surgical, Inclined Plane & Friction laws are made visible through practical models developed by acumen labware, Inertia & Gravity, Kinetic Heat & Gas Laws, Laboratory Glassware & similar looking more durable palsticware is produced by acumen labware, Labware Equipment, Lenses, Mirrors, Prisms & Slabs, Light & Optics are explained by apparatus such as ray box / light box by acumen labware, Liquid Mechanics, Pressure & Humidity, Logic Gates & Training Boards, Magnetic Field & Electro Magnetism, Magnetism, Magnets, Magnifiers, Masses & Weights, Measuring Aids, Mechanics, Meters & Galvanometers, Microscope Accessories, various Research Microscopes as well as Student Microscopes are manufactured by Acumen Labware , Models, Optical Bench & Components, Photoelectric & Solar Energy Models by acumen labware, Physics, Pipettes, Plastic Labware, Power Supplies, Pulleys, Ray Optics, Resistance & Capacitance, Resonance & Waves, Ripple Tank, Safety Equipments, Sonometer, Interference & Resonance, Sound & Waves, Spectrometer, Telescopes, Newton Rings & Polarization, Stands & Clamps, Testing Equipments, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Expansion, Thermometers, Tubes, Tuning Forks & Resonance Boxes and Water Distillation Assemblies etc. These are some areas where acumen labware has left indelible foot prints.

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study of optical illusions using ray box/light box


A detailed study of optical science is discussed using ray box/light box kits which makes you acquainted with the so called optical illusions. At acumen labware one can find various experiments which are performed for in depth analysis of various properties of light.

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Hello world!

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