IT or CSE is there any difference?

The story behind the subject dates back to the IT boom and service sector industry revolution in the late 90’s. India became the second largest exporter of IT related products on the global platform. Now with this IT revolution came the need for IT talent and skill oriented manpower. The scarcity of skilled manpower coinciding with the boom in the industry led to massive pay packages for the IT skilled man power.


Getting an IT job in a multinational company became the dream of majority of youngsters and their parents in India. Suddenly IT became the most sought after engineering course in the country. Even If one could not make it to the computer science & engineering branch at the graduation level they dreamt of doing their masters in CSE. Everyone wanted to join an IT company irrespective of the branch of engineering they completed their bachelors in.
This led to a huge demand for IT oriented courses in the country which paved the foundation of mushrooming engineering colleges in the country. But there was a limitation to the number of seats in CSE branch as the intake had to be at par with the intake in any other engineering course branch as per the policy made by council of technical education. So here colleges created a shadow branch of Computer Science Engineering which is known Information and Technology Engineering.

IT is just a reflection of computer science & engineering just to fill the gap in supply and demand for the skilled manpower in the IT sector. Hence it can be said that theoretically there is no difference in both the branches, the mere reason of creating the two is to provide a larger number of pass outs with the same skill set by staying in the limitations of bureaucratic guidleines.


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