Doppler Radar Trainer

The AL-DRT Doppler Radar Trainer demonstrates the principle of doppler shift of reflected electromagnetic wave from a moving object as described earlier along with important parameter such as speed, rotation of test object, contact less vibration measurement,

A 10GHz Micro strip based homodyne transceiver (an integrated transmitter and receiver) is placed on a parabolic reflector, The target velocity emulator provides a real time platform for statistic observation of CRO & FFT on a PC by using observations and measurements calculated with the help of a software, this advanced Doppler Radar Trainer software is also capable of showing microwave X band operation using a high gain parabolic antenna provided for narrow beam width and clutter reduction. Shielded cables are provided to avoid Electrostatic discharge (ESD). The AL-DRT trainer incorporates a large memory to support its High Speed Data Acquisition system.


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