study of optical illusions using ray box/light box


A detailed study of optical science is discussed using ray box/light box kits which makes you acquainted with the so called optical illusions. At acumen labware one can find various experiments which are performed for in depth analysis of various properties of light.


About acumenlabware

manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of scientific equipments and instruments. suppliers of laboratory glassware and laboratory plasticware. Educational Aids and Kits using physics kits and atomic models.
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10 Responses to study of optical illusions using ray box/light box

  1. Param says:

    nice info..

    • param says:

      Great range of equipments is available with acumen labware. A distinct quality can be felt from every scientific equipment by acumen labware. The products themselves vindicate there nature of performance with the appearence itself. using there products have always been a sheer pleassure, especially the scientific educatin kits for kids by acumen labware have proved to be really educational and motivating for kids so as to increase their proclivity towards science while playing. In other words acumen labware is doing an altruistic job.

  2. harpreet says:

    quite focused and erudite explanations in the field of optics is available with acumen labware. They prove to be very helpful when trying to understand the properties of optics theough ray box / light box. contribution by acumen labware in the field of scientific education has been really commendable. for more insight do visit http://www.acumen

  3. vijay says:

    A world class scientific instruments organisation with impecable products offerd in a wide range of scinetific equipments. physics labware and chemistry labware are produced by acumen labware.acumen labware is at the following location in google maps.,+Haryana&cid=0,0,7556384550699459440&ei=0vU2TITzNtOzrAeh9pSwAg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CAoQnwIwAA

  4. Amti Dash says:

    laboratory glassware, laboratory plasticware or plastic lab supplies by acumen labware have been out standing. Acumen labware has proved to be a landmark in various verticals of scientific education. Labware in india by acumen labware is remarkable and these include physics labware, chemistry labware.

  5. shefali says:

    The ray box mentioned above is visible at the following link.

  6. shefali says:

    a wide range of galssware cyliders from a few ml to litres.

  7. ramneek says:

    Along with the ray box, various optical theories can be well understood by using optical instruments from acumen labware.

  8. Sidhu says:

    Exorbitant range of laboratory plasticware is available here:

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