Physics Lab Equipment

Over the years Acumen Labware has accumulated a vast number of Science and Physics Lab Equipment for the well being of education in the society. If you want to calculate the focal length of your convex or concave lens/mirror, we have an optical bench. If you want to understand the concept of Electrostatics or magneto-statics, we have laboratory equipment for them too. Various demonstrations such as Coulomb’s law, Inverse Square law, Malu law, Boyle’s Law, verification of Stefan’s law etc. all can be performed using our products. If you want to calculate the Planck’s constant or the Moment of Inertia or Viscosity of a Liquid or the dielectric constant of a medium or the e/m ratio, or the Joule’s constant, just scan our science educational equipment product list and you would definitely get the most viable equipment for performing your experiment.

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Electrical Electronics Trainers

Engineering is the branch of science & technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines & structures. In this present era, engineering is a creative application and stream which encourages our future generation to learn and grasp the subject through practice. You can avail of the premium quality Electrical Engineering Lab Instruments which not only help the youth to learn but in understanding the concept deeply through practical training. Acumen Labware provides teaching and training models to demonstrate the principles in the university laboratories.

Our wide range of  Electrical Engineering Lab Instruments includes Analog Elecronics Trainers, Electronic Testing Equipment, Chracteristics Trainer Kit, Scientific Electronics Filter Circuit Trainers Kits, Electrical & Electronics Bridge Trainers, Electronic Circuit Board Trainer which are available in very economical cost. electrical-industrial-installation-trainer

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IT or CSE is there any difference?

The story behind the subject dates back to the IT boom and service sector industry revolution in the late 90’s. India became the second largest exporter of IT related products on the global platform. Now with this IT revolution came the need for IT talent and skill oriented manpower. The scarcity of skilled manpower coinciding with the boom in the industry led to massive pay packages for the IT skilled man power.


Getting an IT job in a multinational company became the dream of majority of youngsters and their parents in India. Suddenly IT became the most sought after engineering course in the country. Even If one could not make it to the computer science & engineering branch at the graduation level they dreamt of doing their masters in CSE. Everyone wanted to join an IT company irrespective of the branch of engineering they completed their bachelors in.
This led to a huge demand for IT oriented courses in the country which paved the foundation of mushrooming engineering colleges in the country. But there was a limitation to the number of seats in CSE branch as the intake had to be at par with the intake in any other engineering course branch as per the policy made by council of technical education. So here colleges created a shadow branch of Computer Science Engineering which is known Information and Technology Engineering.

IT is just a reflection of computer science & engineering just to fill the gap in supply and demand for the skilled manpower in the IT sector. Hence it can be said that theoretically there is no difference in both the branches, the mere reason of creating the two is to provide a larger number of pass outs with the same skill set by staying in the limitations of bureaucratic guidleines.

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Choice Of Courses after School

Numerous courses have evolved for science education students other than the traditional courses of medicine and engineering offering a wide platter of degree and diploma courses. If communication and creativity is your forte then colleges are offering various courses ranging from mass media to journalism. These courses include bachelors and diploma program in journalism, mass communication, advertising, digital media. Completion of these courses leads to well established careers in the respective fields.

There has been a very old notion that technical education is necessary to future development and innovation. This is a major reason why all developed and developing economies across the globe have technical educational institutions as part of their social infrastructure.

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Hot Air Oven

Hot air oven is an electrically heated test device that are basically used in sterilization. The Hot Air Ovens use dry heat to sterilize articles. These are known to work by circulating hot air inside the test chamber to achieve maximum and uniform heat distribution around all corners of the oven . These types of hot air ovens do not require water and there is not much pressure build up within the oven that makes them more suitable to be used in a laboratory environment.

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Doppler Radar Trainer

The AL-DRT Doppler Radar Trainer demonstrates the principle of doppler shift of reflected electromagnetic wave from a moving object as described earlier along with important parameter such as speed, rotation of test object, contact less vibration measurement,

A 10GHz Micro strip based homodyne transceiver (an integrated transmitter and receiver) is placed on a parabolic reflector, The target velocity emulator provides a real time platform for statistic observation of CRO & FFT on a PC by using observations and measurements calculated with the help of a software, this advanced Doppler Radar Trainer software is also capable of showing microwave X band operation using a high gain parabolic antenna provided for narrow beam width and clutter reduction. Shielded cables are provided to avoid Electrostatic discharge (ESD). The AL-DRT trainer incorporates a large memory to support its High Speed Data Acquisition system.

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School lab Supplies by Acumen Labware have always been outstanding. School lab supplies have become an integral part and need of a school. And moreover these school lab supplies constitute of a wide range of verticals. These include physics labware, chemistry labware, biology labware so here at acumen labware we take care of each and every and section of school lab supplies and this is the sole reason why school lab supplies by acumen labware have not only been accepted but also appreciated world wide.

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